How Spirii makes new starters feel at home

Crafted to create a supportive environment, the Spirii Onboarding Program helps new hires feel confident from day one.

Employee onboarding is a really important thing to get right.

Paying close attention to the process is how you ensure that new starters can really hit the ground running – with all the tools, training, and resources they need. Get it wrong, and people will feel out of their depth from day one.

That’s why, at Spirii, we’ve put a whole heap of time and energy into making our employee onboarding program as seamless and empowering as possible.

Our program is designed to create a welcoming and supportive environment that helps new hires feel valued, engaged, and confident in their new roles.

That also means knowing that any employee program is never a one-and-done thing – and nothing should ever be set in stone. In fact, we’re consistently working with our new team members to find ways to enhance and refine the onboarding journey, and to ensure it’s as engaging and inclusive as it can be.

“When you’re growing as fast as Spirii is, inducting new joiners to the company culture and values can be a challenge. Our onboarding program is designed to meet that challenge by making it easier to understand what Spirii is all about. I especially love our feedback session, where we have created a room for conversation for all new joiners to talk about  what went well, and what we can improve.”

- Marie Terndrup, Brand & Culture lead at Spirii.

What’s more, each new hire at Spirii goes through the same onboarding program, whether you’re joining as an intern or a member of the C-suite. That helps newcomers to any role get familiar with all aspects of the business, including what each team is up to, and the kind of cross-departmental collaboration we encourage.

Spirii onboarding

Our employee onboarding program brings together a mini curriculum of activities designed to bring new starters fully up to speed. That includes a thorough introduction to each team, an overview of our organization as a whole, a deep dive into the unique Spirii culture, and an exploration of the values that drive us.

“The onboarding program was awesome! The people were so open and friendly, the environment was super chill and welcoming - and it was great getting to know everyone and how they all collaborate.”

- Malene Lundsby, new Business Process Manager at Spirii.

There’s an opportunity to follow experienced team members and learn from their expertise, alongside regular check-ins with managers to ensure new hires are adjusting well and have the support they need. Most importantly, we also run regular social events and sporting activities to help everyone in the business connect with people from other teams.

New Spirii colleagues can expect:

Meet the founders

A walk through the company's history, its goals, and how everyone aligns to help bring them to life. Our leadership team aren’t scary, shadowy figures; they’re your colleagues! So we think it’s pretty important that you get to know them.

Introduction to our teams

Meet the people you’ll be working with every day, as well as the people you might not. We encourage cross-collaboration at Spirii, so it’s good to get to know everyone.

Social activities

Friday bars, sporting activities, boardgames, you name it!

Feedback session

We want our onboarding program to be the best around, so we continuously host feedback sessions with the onboarded colleagues. And, most importantly, we listen to and take action on what they have to say

We’re always excited to see the impact of our onboarding program, and to hear what new colleagues think about it! 

We can’t wait to welcome even more new hires to Spirii over the coming months and years. And, hey, if you’re reading this, that could be you!

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