Operate and scale your charging network with a hardware-agnostic software solution

Charge point operators

Operate and scale your charging network with a hardware-agnostic software solution

Grow your EV charging business

Spirii’s pioneering management tools are designed to help you launch, operate, and scale your charging network easily, with quick-to-market solutions, an user-centric charging app and powerful monetization tools

An all-in-one platform for optimal management of your charge points

On the hunt for a more intuitive system to manage your charging network? One that grows alongside you and allows you to concentrate on what you care about most: servicing happy, confident EV drivers? Experience our platform ecosystem for more efficient management of your charging infrastructure, customers and partners and monetize with smart pricing tools. With our agnostic approach you can also migrate existing chargers and grow from there.


Hardware-agnostic software solution that integrates with your charging network


On-brand options for customer onboarding & charging app


Increase your revenue by an average of 17% MoM, with options and guidance that ensure profitability

Build, operate and monetize

Spirii platform solutions make operating, scaling, and monetizing your charging business a cinch. An easy-to-use dashboard, a market-leading end-user app, full-service support from our industry experts, and exceptional software all work together to give you limitless control of your charging network.

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Optimize your charging business

Our unique operational and management systems let you ditch the development and maintenance costs – and focus on growing your revenue instead. Our platform enables around-the-clock real-time monitoring and detection of issues ensuring high-uptime and operational excellence. Optimization and scaling are made easy with our rich-feature analytics and data insights. Empower your team with tools for customer onboarding and management, billing and operational issues.

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Powerful monetization

Gain full control over charging prices, ensuring you’ll always earn what you need to cover costs and turn a profit. Offer special pricing and vouchers for specific user groups. With our Dynamic Pricing tool, you can even adjust and set pricing that is sync to the energy market. Your users can conveniently pay as-they-go with any major credit card, local payment methods or vouchers via the charging app and we’ll make sure that your money is securely transferred.

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Market-leading charging app in your brand

Use our easy-to-implement branded options to integrate our pioneering software technology into your brand – and give your customers a charging experience to remember. Our ever-evolving charging app boasts smart charging tools, multi-currency and language, world-wide roaming options and multiple payment options and can easily be yours to offer. EV drivers will enjoy a seamless charging experience that works the world over.