A hand plugging in a purple cable in to a charging port on the EV, while using the Spirii Go app

Charge at home

Efficient and convenient charging - at your doorstep

Charge at home

Choose a smart and effective home charging solution from one of our certified partners for an affordable and reliable charging experience at home. Our partners are carefully selected distributors in the industry - all connected to our market-leading platform.

Smart charging with app

Configure your charge box at home with our app, and get a smarter charging experience.

Lower electricity costs

Get full control. Monitor and schedule charging when electricity is green and prices are low.

Full operational maintenance

Rest assured we've got you with a fully operational and maintained charging box at home.

Find your solution

*only available in Denmark

Charging at home

Enjoy the convenience of smart charging at home. Order now through one of our trusted partners and experience the difference. With the Spirii Go app you also gain access to a wide network of chargers across Europe.

A person with a bag leaving their car on the driveway plugged into a charger

With a Spirii home charge solution you are guaranteed

  • Market-leading hardware 11-22 kW
  • Operation and maintenance
  • 24/7 Customer service and support
  • Smart charging configuration with app
  • Access to public chargers all across Europe
Person plugging in cable in to a small Spirii certified home charger Zaptec

Order your home charge solution from one of our partners


Plan your installation and get connected to our charging platform


We ensure full operation and maintenance of your charge box and 24/7 customer support

Fast and smooth onboarding

Unleash the power of convenience with Spirii! Get future-proof charging boxes with our service agreement that guarantees a fair reimbursement fee (reflected by the government). Take back control and get fully charged at home and on the go with the Spirii Go App, and access a vast European charging network at your fingertips.

Get your solution from one of our trusted resellers

*only available in Denmark