Offer your charge points to a broader audience of drivers with roaming

EV roaming allows EV drivers to use charge points across different networks making it easier to find and charge their EV wherever they go.

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With Spirii's roaming capabilities, Charge Point Operators can broaden their reach, tapping into a larger pool of drivers and maximizing revenue potential.

[.text-size-medium]Seamless charging[.text-size-medium]

Drivers get access to numerous charge points across diverse networks through roaming ensuring seamless charging experience everywhere.

[.text-size-medium]Efficient Integrations[.text-size-medium]

Spirii's direct OCPI integrations and partnerships with roaming hubs guarantee smooth interoperability, facilitating hassle-free access for operators and drivers alike.

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Efficient integrations

Peer-to-Peer Roaming

At Spirii, we believe in fostering seamless connections within the EV charging ecosystem. That's why we've established individual roaming agreements with other providers using direct OCPI connections.

Roaming Hub

Roaming hubs serve as a central point of contact for multiple service providers, facilitating streamlined communication and standardized processes. By leveraging a roaming hub, EV charging service providers can quickly connect to a wide range of roaming partners.

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