Operational support

Unlock the power of a robust charging network with our operational support

With more than 15 years of operating charging networks and supporting EV drivers, we know what it takes to deliver the best charging experience and ensure a fully operational network of chargers

[.text-size-medium]Seamless Customer Experience[.text-size-medium]

Enjoy effortless interactions designed for your convenience

[.text-size-medium]Personalized Service[.text-size-medium]

Benefit from tailored support that meets your unique needs.

[.text-size-medium]Operational excellence[.text-size-medium]

Depend on our commitment to operational excellence and customer empowerment.


Proactive monitoring and support for drivers and partners

We're dedicated to providing proactive, and reliable customer experiences. With a focus on excellence, we always strive to exceed expectations.

Support your drivers
Monitor your network
On-site handling

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Supporting CPO Partners

We're committed to delivering reliable experiences and support for our CPO partners. Our goal is to consistently surpass expectations

CPO Partner Support

We offer comprehensive support to partners and CPOs in the use of Spirii software and solutions. This included service is managed by our Partner Support teams.

  • Stay current with the latest competencies
  • Explore multiple add-on services
  • Elevate your support experience

Technical Support

We offer technical assistance and recommendations for our partners/CPOs as an optional service.

  • Handled by Spirii's Network Operating Center (NOC)
  • Ensuring top-notch support for your operational needs.

Partner Training

Our Partner Success Program offers proactive and continuous support and training to ensure that partners maximize the benefits of our software and services.

  • Optional for partners who will conduct first-line technical service themselves.
  • Guidance and assistance every step of the to help you achieve your goals
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