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Spirii Connect

Build, optimize and scale a commercial EV charging solution

Spirii Connect – extensive feature suite

Spirii Connect is the heart of your charging business. It’s where you can maximize efficiency and fine-tune your entire network, allowing it to grow. With an extensive, ever-evolving feature suite, you’ll enjoy easy-to-use tools for managing charging locations, users, and pricing – all in one place.


Monitor and operate

Ensure the best user experience for every customer, and easily manage your charging network with a user-centric toolbox.

  • Track live charger status and manage charge points and locations
  • Receive service notifications for offline or broken chargers
  • Manage charge keys and vouchers
  • Integrate users, data, and payment with Spirii Business and Spirii Go
Spirii Dashboard on a computer


Analyze and scale

Explore detailed insights on chargers, consumption and revenue streams. Analyze data and discover your network’s potential for growth.

  • Explore key insights around users and chargers
  • Analyze your charging network’s performance
  • Export usage and financial records
Spirii Dashboard with peak hours view on a computer


Optimize and monetize

Get access to powerful pricing tools and multi-currency options, making it easy for you to monetize your charging business.

  • Manage charger tariffs – with fixed or dynamic pricing
  • Create discount vouchers for specific user groups
  • Make your chargers publicly available and join a global charging network
  • Oversee and adjust revenue streams
Spirii Dashboard showing location management with a zoomed out map


Easy and flexible integration with Spirii API

Spirii API enables you to increase your systems performance, flexibility, and efficiency. Our API is designed to make the integration of the crucial EV charging data into your current systems easy and allows you to build your own solution in no time.

Integrate easily with the systems you already have, such as CRM, ERP, websites, payment solutions, and billing systems. These integrations allow you to develop automation processes and concentrate on what is important the most – your customers.

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Spirii Connect dashboard on a computer and a hand holding a phone with Spirii Go where both are displaying data