Enhance EV charging with seamless payment solutions

Making sure that drivers can pay for charging using different methods is really important. At Spirii, we focus on making the charging process easy and smooth for both drivers and charging point operators.

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Seamlessly integrate payment terminals with Spirii’s flexible solutions, ensuring compatibility and ease of use for both operators and drivers.

[.text-size-medium]Multiple Payment Methods[.text-size-medium]

Offer a diverse range of payment methods, from in-app transactions to RFID and AutoCharge, catering to the preferences and needs of all EV drivers.

[.text-size-medium]Compliance Assurance[.text-size-medium]

Ensure adherence to industry regulations such as AFIR and PSD2, providing operators with peace of mind while maintaining a smooth charging operation.

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Seamless Experience for Drivers when Paying

No need for a dedicated payment terminal at your locations? Drivers can still enjoy swift and hassle-free transactions with our diverse range of payment methods

Payment methods in-app
RFID/Charge Keys
Virtual Charge Key

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Integrated Payment Terminals

Empower your EV charging service with our payment terminals, designed to elevate the experience for drivers while optimizing revenue streams. All solution is compliant with AFIR.

Spirii Integrated

Take complete control of your payment infrastructure with Spirii's fully integrated solution. Seamlessly set up terminals, customize tariffs, and manage transactions within Spirii's intuitive ecosystem.

  • Integrates with Payter’s Apollo range of payment terminals
  • Onboard, activate and fully manage your payment terminals within Spirii Connect


Leverage Spirii's platform to seamlessly integrate with charger manufacturers' embedded payment terminals. Our OCPP integration seamlessly connects the charger and payment terminal within Spirii, elevating efficiency and convenience for all drivers.

  • Custom solutions using OCPP to integrate with Point of Sale interfaces
  • Payment terminals are connected in a hardware-to-hardware interface

OCPI Integrated

Maximize the advantages of Spirii's seamless integration with payment terminals via OCPI (Open Charge Point Interface), guaranteeing an unparalleled user experience for drivers within your charging network during transactions.

  • Offer larger screens opening up revenues from advertising
  • Integrate with payment kiosks and dedicated 3rd party players via OCPI

Flexible Payment Solutions

Enhance convenience, compliance, and profitability in the EV charging landscape. Join us in driving the future of sustainable transportation with innovative payment technology.


Discover the convenience of Auto Charge. The drivers simply plug in their charging cable and they are set! Forget about dealing with apps, charge keys, or any extra hassle. With AutoCharge user identification and authorization is handled for you behind the scenes.

  • Charging made effortless

Plug and Charge

Introducing Plug & Charge – a cutting-edge solution for electric vehicle charging, designed to deliver unmatched convenience and security. By the power of the ISO 15118 standard, our system ensures a seamless charging experience: the drivers just connect their EV, and it initiates charging automatically.

  • A cutting-edge solution
  • Unmatched convenience and security

Charge without a profile

The Spirii Go and branded apps are now offering a quicker way for users to charge without creating a profile. This is perfect for new users, when you just need to charge your car without any hassle. The functionality without an account is restricted, but allows users to charge and pay for their session, all in compliance with AFIR.

  • Compliance with AFIR
  • Charge without creating a profile
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