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Hardware for powerful charging

Unlock the potential of a robust EV charging network with our comprehensive hardware services. From sales support to logistics and deployment, we ensure a swift and professional rollout of your charging infrastructure.

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Benefit from our strong partnerships with leading hardware manufacturers to get your chargers to market quickly.

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Enjoy certified hardware with smart charging functionalities for an enhanced user experience and optimal grid balance.

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Leverage our industry expertise for guidance on hardware, installation, and payment solutions.

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Hardware Solutions for Your EV Charging Business

Elevate your EV charging business with Spirii’s comprehensive hardware support services.

Hardware Sales Support
Warehouse & Logistics
Hardware Integration

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Why Get Certified?

With Spirii-certified hardware and our platform, we deliver cutting-edge charging solutions to EV drivers worldwide.

Certification benefits

As a Spirii-certified partner, you gain access to a range of advanced, user-friendly, and future-proof features for your hardware. Our certification program ensures:

  • Faster time-to-market
  • Comprehensive backend and frontend features, including charging management
  • OCPP 1.6 protocol compatibility
  • Advanced smart charging functionalities

Certification Program

Our certification program is designed to ensure the highest market standards for hardware quality assurance. This streamlined procedure helps manufacturers guarantee their chargers are fully compatible with the Spirii platform, meeting the demands of the current market.


Integrating your hardware with is a straightforward process designed to ensure seamless compatibility and functionality. With our program we ensure an efficient integration process.

  • Initial Meeting: Schedule a remote technical test with your team, or send us your hardware
  • Compatibility Test: Our specialists perform thorough compatibility tests.
  • Integration: The hardware is integrated into the Spirii Connect Platform
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