Phone being held in hand while sitting in a charging car, where you can see the charging graph on the device.

Spirii charging app

Empower EV drivers - across the world

Easy charging and payment

The Spirii Go app boasts international roaming, multiple payment options, easy filtering and customizable home charging tools – all of which give EV drivers full flexibility and unrivaled convenience. The best part? Everything within Spirii Go can be customized to fit your brand.


Global charging network

Spirii Go links our open, ever-expanding charging network with the wide world of third-party roaming, enabling EV drivers to plug into any available charging station, anywhere they go.

  • Easy access to a global charging network
  • An all-in-one app that makes navigating and charging effortless
  • We take care of all roaming contracts, allowing for seamless charging
  • Easy payment with multi-currency and all major payment methods including Visa, MasterCard, Apple Pay, and Google Pay
A phone infront of a purple globe displaying an international payment method


Smarter, greener charging

Spirii Go offers smart charging tools and rich insights, making charging easy and convenient for every EV driver.

  • Live price and energy data, alongside scheduled charging – allowing drivers to choose the best times to charge
  • Easily activate discount vouchers in the app
  • 24/7 access to charging statistics and usage
  • Easy filtering by available plug types, charging speed, and operators
  • Public sharing of private chargers
Spirii Go app feature which shows CO2 emissions over the day


Branded App

With Spirii, your charging business will be streamlined, efficient, and scalable –and distinctively yours. With a plug-and-play branded solution, you can adapt our industry know-how and pioneering charging technology to your specific brand and vision.

  • Connect your customers to a market-leading app that’s already trusted by thousands
  • Get the app in a design that matches your identity
  • Save time and money; we’ll handle the software development for you
  • 24/7 expert guidance and support
A phone showcasing Spirii Go white-labeling feature


Easy and flexible integration with Spirii API

Spirii API enables you to increase your systems performance, flexibility, and efficiency. Our API is designed to make the integration of the crucial EV charging data into your current systems easy and allows you to build your own solution in no time.

Integrate easily with the systems you already have, such as CRM, ERP, websites, payment solutions, and billing systems. These integrations allow you to develop automation processes and concentrate on what is important the most – your customers.

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Spirii Connect dashboard on a computer and a hand holding a phone with Spirii Go where both are displaying data