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Spirii combines industry expertise, cutting-edge software, and comprehensive business services to connect charging businesses with every aspect of the EV ecosystem.

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Smart, scalable technology

Built with the future in mind, Spirii guides you through network growth and monetization, simplifying your expansion process.

Smart energy & grid solutions

Our pioneering energy and grid management solutions empower you to tackle industry challenges and unlock new revenue streams.

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EV charging ecosystem

Tap into our extensive network – connecting hardware, installers, payment systems, businesses and drivers — all in one ecosystem.

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People-powered solutions

We foster cross-functional teams of passionate experts who collaborate to make things work seamlessly, delivering exceptional and reliable solutions for every project.

Our Products and services

Unlock efficiency.
Accelerate growth.

All the tools and services you need to build, manage and grow your EV charging business.

Spirii Connect

Our Charge Point Management System is built to help CPOs and fleet owners manage charging network, customers, and pricing – all in one place.

  • Deploy, manage and grow charging network
  • Customizable tariffs & fees for easy monetization
  • High platform uptime for reliable charging
  • Useful data and insights for opimisation and growth
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EV charging app

The Spirii charging app provides access to an international network of over 400,000 chargers, and makes navigation, charging, and payment effortless for drivers.

  • Charge point map with detailed charger info
  • Easy filtering and navigation
  • Powerful charging session charging stats and status
  • Upfront pricing transparency and easy payment
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Turnkey charging solution

We offer an end-to-end solution with essential services and support to tailor a charging solution that fits your business and meets the needs of drivers.

Platform features to charge up your network management and performance

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Branded solutions

With our white-labeling options, Spirii can be the brains behind your own fully branded webshop, charging app, and onboarding flows.

Dynamic load management

Spirii’s load management algorithms automatically distribute the right amount of power to each connected vehicle, with grid-friendly balancing that ensures reliable charging.

Flexible and dynamic pricing

Set pricing that stays ahead of market rates, incentivizes 24/7 charging and guarantees a reliable profit – with full tariff control.

Connector status

See the live status of each individual connector at a glance, with usage reporting and info on the power distribution of all connectors.

Location management

Manage multiple charging locations from one place, with easy-to-use controls for public charging hours, user management, and setting per-location pricing.

OCPI support
CO2 usage
Charger status
Dashboard & analytics
Opening hours
Advanced tariffs
Vouchers & charge keys
Advantages using Spirii
Industry experts

Our team of experts has been leading the charge towards smarter, simpler eMobility for the past 15 years - designing platform systems and deploying charging solutions. We know what it takes to make charging businesses grow.

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Advantages using Spirii
99.9% uptime

Spirii’s platform is robust, reliable, and built for what comes next. Our cloud-based architecture means we’re always improving and with high uptime and 24/7 support, we ensure that CPOs can offer drivers charging round-the-clock.

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Advantages using Spirii
Scalability as a standard

We know what it takes to help charging businesses grow – from the ground up – so we’ll help you build your business sustainably.
Easy integrations with open APIs and a hardware agnostic architecture means Spirii is a fully customizable and tailored to your business needs.

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Advantages using Spirii
Driver friendly

Spirii understands EV drivers because we are EV drivers – so we know what it takes to succeed. That thinking informs everything we do.

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Reimagining smarter, simpler EV charging for a sustainable future 
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With Spirii we can operate as a CPO and offer a top-tier charging solution to every EV-driver across Europe and make the future of transportation a reality.

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