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Spirii platform solutions

Our full-service platform and pioneering software technology allow you to easily build, operate and scale an EV charging solution - backed by the cloud and with a continuously-developing feature suite. It’s never been easier to stay relevant in a rapidly evolving market, meet customer demand, and unlock new value streams.

Quick to market

Easily design and deploy a truly bespoke commercial charging solution, with streamlined options to help you launch your EV-charging business fast.

Easy integrations

With open APIs, Spirii gives you the flexibility to choose your own hardware and software integrations for maximum efficiency.

Ready to scale

Our modular and cloud-based platform alongside expert guidance, make curating your EV charging solution simple – with options that are up-to-date and ready to scale.

Spirii Connect

Spirii Connect is the heart of your charging business allowing you to operate, optimize and scale your charging solution. It’s where you can maximize efficiency and fine-tune your entire network, allowing it to grow.

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Analyze and scale

Explore detailed insights on chargers and their usage. Easily filter and compare data, analyze consumption and revenue streams, and discover your network’s potential for growth.

Optimize and monetize

Spirii Connect offers a range of powerful pricing and multi-currency options, making it easy for you to monetize your charging business.

Tailored solutions

With open APIs and tailored branded options, Spirii gives your business the flexibility to choose from a range of hardware and software integrations for maximum efficiency.

Spirii Charging App

Effortless EV charging across the world with the Spirii Go charging app, equipped with a range of smart charging tools, a roaming platform, and global payment options.

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Make charging easy

Offer effortless EV charging across Europe with the Spirii Go charging app, equipped with a range of smart charging tools, a roaming platform, and global payment options.

Make it your own

Offer the best of both worlds, one that integrate our industry expertise and pioneering technology with your brand identity.

Make drivers happy

Empower EV drivers, deliver a best-in-class charging experience, and offer unrivaled customer cost transparency.

Spirii Business

New to the world of EV charging? The Spirii Business Platform has you covered with digital storefront, robust onboarding and customer management systems. We have simplified the entire order management process.

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Create and manage customers

Grow your EV customer base with bespoke digital store-front and automated onboarding paths that connect to your preferred payment methods.

Speedy, seamless solutions

Launching an EV-charging business is easy with Spirii. Our integrated software package includes all the resources you’ll need to get up and running in no time.

API & integrations

Tech teams love working with Spirii. Our API is open and intuitive, making for quick, easy integration with your existing business platforms.

Industries we work with

Offering EV charging services can provide a stable, scalable revenue stream to any existing business. Spirii offers tailored charging solutions that can help supplement a range of industries.

Unlock a world of opportunities

Trusted by an ever-growing network of international partners, Spirii helps businesses harness the power of eMobility and embrace the charge toward a greener future.




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Spirii’s innovative, future-proof, and user-friendly charging software enables us to jumpstart global eMobility infrastructure with fast, sustainable charging and to unlock the full range of possibilities the world of e-Mobility has to offer. With Spirii we can operate as a CPO and offer a top-tier charging solution to every EV-driver across Europe and make the future of transportation a reality.

Ivo van Dam

Chief Technology Officer, PowerGo

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