Energy and grid

Leverage the potential of energy & grid management

Participating in Energy and Grid Services programs offers multiple benefits: improving grid reliability, integrating renewables, providing financial incentives, all crucial for sustainable and stable energy systems.

[.text-size-medium]Balance the grid[.text-size-medium]

Spirii’s grid services offer an intelligent technological solution for optimizing power grid balance by dynamically adjusting electricity consumption during peak periods.

  • Contribute to the green transition
  • Efficient Energy Utilization

[.text-size-medium]Reinforce Grid Resilience[.text-size-medium]

Our service strengthens the power grid by providing the flexibility to increase or decrease power supply, effectively mitigating grid stress.

  • Alleviate grid stress
  • Minimize Upgrade Requirements

[.text-size-medium]Monetization Opportunities [.text-size-medium]

Leveraging Spirii’s grid services not only allows you to monetize your infrastructure assets but also actively contributes to accelerating the green transition.

  • Profitability Enhancement
  • Compensation Earning

[.text-custom-subtitle]Load Management[.text-custom-subtitle]

Lower your costs and ensure the optimization and scalability of your charging solution.

Cost-Efficient Solutions
Dynamic Charging Optimization
Managing Electricity Capacity

Diversified Revenue Streams

Generate revenue not only through responsive demand adjustments but also by providing standby services, thereby augmenting the profitability of charging or energy assets.

Improved Return on Investment (ROI)

Charge Point Operators (CPOs) can enhance their ROI through optimized kWh distribution, ensuring maximum utilization during peak periods and bolstering total energy sales.

Adherence to Regulatory Standards

Participation in grid service programs demonstrates commitment to regulatory compliance, aligning with regional energy mandates and initiatives focused on renewable integration and grid stabilization.

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