Be the champion of clean energy and drive the EV revolution

Lead the green transition. In all sectors.

Be the champion of clean energy and drive the EV revolution

The EV revolution – in your hands

We’ll help you offer market-leading charging solutions to private customers, businesses, or the public.  Our customer-centric platform ecosystem enable you to quickly go to market with offerings that benefit your customers and create new value streams for your business.

Energize the EV market

Being at the forefront of the transition to green energy brings with it a raft of unique challenges. A major one is the need to deploy and maintain reliable infrastructure for an ever-increasing EV user base. And you need to do so quickly, without losing sight of quality or control. 


The EV charging market is growing fast with an expected revenue pool of more than 135 billion euros in 2030


Energy and utility companies have full power to address the main EV charging challenges


The winners in EV charging will be those providing solutions for multiple scenarios and a seamless customer experience.

Build and grow your EV charging business

Spirii provides market-leading, end-to-end charging solutions for every kind of customer and EV driver – both private and commercial. Becoming a charging service provider has never been this simple, and it’s never offered this level of transparency or customization. All to cover your needs and make you a leader of the green transition.   

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Easy onboarding

With Spirii, you can easily create branded onboarding flows for home charging solutions and expand your business by offering best-in-class service for EV drivers. It includes automated user journeys, emails, and invoicing.

Moreover, you can upsell home charging to your loyal clients. Using Spirii, you can offer EV charging solutions to both new and existing customers to complement your current offerings that could help you retain clients.

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Freedom for EV drivers

Empower your customers by offering them the freedom to charge anywhere. The Spirii Go app unlocks access to a massive network of public charging stations all over Europe, and, at the same time allows to charge at home by having a full control over their own chargers.

The app packs in smart-navigation, easy filtering, Europe-wide roaming, multiple payment options, and customisable home charging tools – thus allowing you to empower your customers to go anywhere with their EVs.

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Extensive branding options

Use our tailored branded options to integrate our pioneering software technology into your brand – and give your customers a charging experience to remember. Our ever-evolving charging app boasts smart charging tools, multi-currency and language, world-wide roaming options and multiple payment options and can easily be yours to offer. EV drivers will enjoy a seamless charging experience that works the world over.