Energy & Utilities

Offer end-to-end charging solutions for all segments

Lead the future of green energy

Embrace the green energy transition with Spirii. One of the biggest challenges is deploying and maintaining reliable infrastructure for a growing EV user base.

We provide market-leading charging solutions for private customers, businesses, and the public. With Spirii, you can do this quickly and efficiently through our streamlined, platform-based ecosystem.

A proven solution

Spirii delivers market-leading, end-to-end charging solutions for all types of customer segments and drivers— both private and commercial. Becoming a charging service provider has never been this simple, with unparalleled customization options and business services.

Optimize your charging business

Our powerful operational and management systems eliminate troublesome development and maintenance costs, allowing you to focus on growing your revenue.

Effortless onboarding

Create branded order flows for home charging solutions and expand your business by offering best-in-class services for drivers. Enjoy automated customer journeys, emails, and invoicing.

  • Create a branded order experience
  • Provide a market-leading service to your customers
  • Make invoicing easy, intuitive, and automatic

Management & maintenance

Our platform ecosystem simplifies the management of your charging infrastructure, customers, pricing, and billing with powerful software tools, support, and customization at every step.

  • Flexible tariffs with fixed or dynamic pricing and customizable fees
  • Intelligent insights on charger usage, consumption, and revenue
  • Easily manage charge keys and vouchers

Unlock new revenue streams

As an energy and utility company, managing grid and energy challenges is ongoing. Spirii helps you navigate these challenges while unlocking new, robust revenue streams.

  • Lower operational costs with scheduled charging
  • Generate additional revenue by enrolling in grid balancing services such as FCR and B2G
  • Use Dynamic Load Management to efficiently optimise energy usage

Key features for

Energy & Utilities

Dynamic load management

Spirii’s load management algorithms automatically distribute the right amount of power to each connected vehicle, with grid-friendly balancing that ensures reliable charging.

Vouchers and user groups

Manage charger availability for public or closed user groups – with streamlined options for distributing charge access keys and discount vouchers.

Flexible and dynamic pricing

Set pricing that stays ahead of market rates, incentivizes 24/7 charging and guarantees a reliable profit – with full tariff control.

Location management

Manage multiple charging locations from one place, with easy-to-use controls for public charging hours, user management, and setting per-location pricing.

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With Spirii we can operate as a CPO and offer a top-tier charging solution to every EV-driver across Europe and make the future of transportation a reality.
Ivo van Dam
Chief Technology Officer
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