Real-Estate & Commercial Parking

Offer a reliable charging solution to your residents and guests

Real Estate & Parking

Provide residents, visitors, and customers with a robust, reliable, and easy-to-use charging solution that allows drivers to charge, pay, and go seamlessly, all while generating reliable revenue streams.

Spirii's pioneering management tools are designed to help you launch and operate your chargers effortlessly. With quick-to-market solutions, a user-centric charging app, and powerful monetization tools, you can maximize your charging infrastructure's potential.

A proven solution

Easily Build and Manage Your EV Charging Solution for Residents and Guests

Whether you have or need convenient, reliable charging infrastructure for residential or commercial parking, we offer hardware and software solutions tailored for you. With Spirii, you can deploy charging technology that’s easy to manage, cost-effective, and enhances the appeal of your parking spaces.

Optimized charging and easy management

Our pioneering charge point management system and end-to-end business services allow you to forget about development and maintenance costs, enabling you to focus on growing your revenue.

Operation & maintenance

Our EV charging platform provides highly efficient management of your charging infrastructure, users, pricing and billing.

  • Ensure reliable charging and high uptime with easy operations
  • Explore powerful data and insights, including live charger status.
  • Analyze charger usage through heatmaps and real-time reporting.


Gain full control over charging tariffs with dynamic pricing, vouchers, and customizable fees that ensure you cover costs and turn a profit.

  • Manage charger tariffs with fixed or dynamic pricing.
  • Explore consumption and revenue insights.
  • Distribute vouchers and set fair usage fees.

Satisfied customers

Empower your residents and guests with seamless, stress-free charging. The Spirii Go app offers easy access to all your chargers and a vast, ever-growing network of public charging stations across Europe.

  • One app to charge globally.
  • Easy payments with popular services.
  • Full charging overview, including pricing and live availability.
Key features for

Real-Estate & Commercial Parking

Insights dashboard

Spirii Connect offers powerful, real-time insights into the usage and status of your charging network – with useful, actionable insights for ongoing optimisation.

Location management

Manage multiple charging locations from one place, with easy-to-use controls for public charging hours, user management, and setting per-location pricing.

Dynamic load management

Spirii’s load management algorithms automatically distribute the right amount of power to each connected vehicle, with grid-friendly balancing that ensures reliable charging.

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With Spirii we can operate as a CPO and offer a top-tier charging solution to every EV-driver across Europe and make the future of transportation a reality.
Ivo van Dam
Chief Technology Officer
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