A robust charging solutions for all types of fleets

Drive your fleet forward

With Spirii, you can effortlessly design, deploy, and manage a cost-effective charging solution that ensures frictionless charging for every vehicle and driver in your fleet, whether they need to charge on the go, in depots, at work, or at home.

Our platform-based ecosystem provides easy management of your chargers and users and with our end-to-end services covering hardware, installation, operations, and 24/7 support, your fleet is always on the move. Additionally, you can earn extra revenue by leveraging our energy and grid services.

A proven solution

Spirii makes operating your EV fleet simple. That means end-to-end solutions for all use cases, easy-to-use dashboard, a market-leading charging app, full-service support from our industry experts and exceptional software – all working together to give you limitless control of your charging network for your fleet.

Fleet-first features

Our powerful operational and management systems enable you to ditch the hassle of ongoing development and maintenance costs – and focus on operating your EV fleet instead.

Fleet management

Our charge point management system makes EV fleet management a cinch – and helps you make decisions that drive real operational cost reductions.

  • Analyse your fleet’s charging behaviour and optimise for efficiency
  • Help your employees charge with dedicated vouchers and charge keys
  • Easy reimbursement for your drivers charging at home

High uptime

Spirii's innovative, cloud-native platform makes for market-leading uptime, ensuring that your chargers are always fully operational and your fleet’s always on the go.

  • Set up scheduled charging to automate fleet readiness and lower costs
  • Monitor and fix chargers remotely
  • Get charging status updates in real time

Unlock new revenue streams

Want a faster return on investment? Enrol in grid balancing services and opt to open your infrastructure to the public – with full control over hours and pricing.

  • Open your chargers to the public and make chargers searchable in apps
  • Customize prices, opening hours and user access
  • Leverage our energy and grid balancing services for faster ROI
Key features for


Dynamic load management

Spirii’s load management algorithms automatically distribute the right amount of power to each connected vehicle, with grid-friendly balancing that ensures reliable charging.


Drivers can plug in and start charging instantly without the need for RFID keys or charging apps.

Export data

Generate CSV files with just a few clicks, letting you export your charging network’s recent or historical data to Excel or other formats.

Remote trouble-shooting

With Spirii Connect, you’ll get live alerts if chargers run into issues, alongside options to remotely update, reboot and troubleshoot.

Charge key management

Manage your user base, understand usage, and remotely distribute – or revoke – virtual charge keys that let closed driver groups charge and pay securely.

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With Spirii we can operate as a CPO and offer a top-tier charging solution to every EV-driver across Europe and make the future of transportation a reality.
Ivo van Dam
Chief Technology Officer, PowerGo
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