Deploy and manage an enterprise charging solution

EV Fleets

Deploy and manage an enterprise charging solution

Operate your fleet of EVs

With Spirii Connect, you can easily design and deploy a robust charging solution that brings frictionless charging to your entire fleet of electric vehicles.

Ensure an easy transition to electric

With company cars and enterprise fleets increasingly transitioning toward an all-electric future, you need a solution that makes managing their charging needs simple, scalable, and incredibly reliable. Moreover, you need charging infrastructure that can take care of itself, and that drivers can feel confident using every day. 


By transitioning to an entirely electric fleet, you can reduce operating costs


Reduce electricity and installation costs with Dynamic Load Management


Manage your charging points all in one place with our complete software solution

One platform to charge your entire fleet

The Spirii platform brings together our intelligent Spirii Connect software and the intuitive Spirii Go app, making for the most complete charging solution available. While your drivers charge, you’ll manage – overseeing pricing, usage, and access from a single portal. Ready to expand your offering? We’ll help you scale your network with ease. 

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Full insights and easy optimization

Get real-time insights to datasets such as charging behaviour, usage and energy consumption making it easier for you to optimize and scale your charging solution.

Real-time energy market insights help you shift charging sessions to when electricity prices and the climate impact are low. With our platform solutions you can easily set up compensation schemes and automated reimbursement for employees charging their company car at home or in public.

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Empower your EV drivers

Put your EV drivers firmly in the driving seat and help them make a seamless transition to EVs. Our platform enables simpler, smarter charging for your drivers whether charging at work, in public or at home.

Your drivers can either use our charging app or an RFID key to access and pay for charging. Our charging app also unlocks access to a massive roaming network of charging stations across Europe, home charger management and location-agnostic payment options.

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Stay in control and reduce costs

To keep your EV fleet fully charged you need to stay in full control of your charging network. The Spirii Platform consolidates all operational processes into one place where you can effortlessly monitor all your chargers, respond to service issues with remote troubleshooting and manage user groups, permissions and prices. Dynamic Load Management allows you to optimize electricity capacity and lower installation and operational costs.