Spirii optimizes charging with Load Management

Lower your costs and ensure optimization and scalability of your charging solution.

With Spirii Load Management we optimise charging for the benefit of all Spirii’s customers

Housing associations and multi-storey car parks often need advanced load distribution that takes into account the different charging speed of electric cars in the same charging system – and which optimises charging speeds between electric cars based on the relationship between the charging point protection and cable size. Moreover, dynamic upward and downward adjustment of charging speed may be required based on external requirements from the local electricity grid.

Read more about your benefits with Spirii Load Management:

  • Save connection fee and installation costs
  • Optimise and balance charging
  • Charging is adapted to the electricity grid and the electricity capacity of the building

Load Management can be used if you have limited electricity capacity. Your charging equipment checks for the number of connected electric cars and distributes the available electricity capacity so that it matches the individual electric car. Load Management can be provided on a single charging point with two outlets or between several charging points in the same location.

An example of how it works

An installation with two standing charging points (two outlets per column) only has 63A at its disposal from the electricity panel, corresponding to 16A per outlet. If two electric cars plug in, they will each charge at up to 32A. However, once a third electric car plugs in, there will be three cars to share 63A, meaning that they will all be charging at 21A. If a fourth car is plugged in, they will each charge at 16A.

Alternatively, without Load Management, only the two first cars would be able to charge at the same time – cars three and four would have to wait for the first two cars to be fully charged. Accordingly, Load Management allows you to optimise the use of the amps and charging points you have at your disposal – and you will generally be able to avoid having to invest in expensive supplies in order to charge electric cars on all your outlets.

When you select a Spirii Connect service package, we automatically include Load Management. The Load Management functionality is enabled in the backend system by our skilled engineers when they complete the installation.

If you have a single charging point/box installed with two outlets, no physical measures will be needed, however, when two or more charging points are installed, the charging points need to be connected by communication cable. This applies regardless of whether the individual charging point has a separate supply cable and its own fuse box or whether several charging points are connected to the same cable.

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