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Charging solutions

Installation of your charging equipment

Spirii prioritizes simplicity from start to end, and the installation of our charging points is no exception.

Installation of your charging equipment

Installation that matches your needs

If you are interested in a Spirii installation, we will inspect your location together with our installation partner and a representative from your company. We will need to get access to your electricity cabinet to check how many amps you have available for the installation and to know where you want the charging points to be located. We will then give you on-site advice for the best and cheapest solution based on your needs.

Crucial elements for the price of our installation and therefore also what you should consider before the inspection are:

  • Location of charging point in relation to the location of your electricity cabinet
  • The physical conditions of the installation such as surface, whether excavation is needed or whether cables can been run along a wall

After the visit from our engineer, you will be contacted by Spirii with a quote for the charging equipment and installation.

Example of how it works

How your Spirii charging point is installed:

  • Inspection of the property with our installation partner
  • Spirii subsequently forwards a quote for charging equipment + installation based on the electrician’s assessment
  • Your acceptance of the quote and agreement on when to start the installation
  • Installation, commissioning and test of your new charging points

Please contact us if you want to handle the installation yourself so that we can guide you on how you best prepare the installation of our charging equipment.

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