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Spirii Go update: charge your EV easier and cheaper

Happy holidays! With festive season upon us and the end of the year fast approaching, there’s just enough time for one last Spirii Go newsletter before we speed into 2023.

In this December edition, we’ll share some useful tips, hidden tricks, and news on updates and features that’ll make your life as an EV driver even easier.

Roam and charge across city and country borders

Visiting friends and family during the holidays, but not sure if you’ll be able to get fully charged up along the way? Worry no more! The Spirii Go app offers easy access to the entire Spirii charging network, as well as a huge roaming network of charge point operators across Europe.

You can easily filter and find your preferred charge point operator in the app. Whether charging on a Spirii charger or that of a roaming partner, you can easily charge and pay with your preferred payment method using Spirii Go.

Easy payment with charge keys

Next up: a time-saving new update to Spirii charge keys. From now on, you can easily connect your charge key with your credit card in the app – which means no more hassle with monthly invoices. Instead, you’ll get all your receipts in the Spirii Go app after each charge. What's more – the charge key also integrates with the discount vouchers in the app.

You can connect your charge key to your preferred payment method via the app following these steps: Go to Profile menu -> Payment settings -> Charge keys. For more information, check out this help article.

Charge cheaper with Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic Pricing, which follows the market rate for energy costs, is rapidly being applied on our partner’s charging stations. In fact, some 20% of the Spirii charging network has already switched to Dynamic Pricing.

In Spirii Go, you'll find prices 24 hours in advance for chargers supporting Dynamic Pricing making it easy for you to plan ahead and charge when it’s cheaper.

Everyone at Spirii wishes you a wonderful Christmas and a fantastic New Year!

We look forward to bringing you lots more app improvements and great charging experiences in 2023, but, in the meantime, remember that we’re here for you 24/7 should you need any help during your Christmas holidays.

Best wishes,

The Spirii Team

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