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Build customer loyalty with Vouchers

Not all your customers necessarily need to pay the full price on your charge points.

Vouchers are a quick and easy way to set a unique, discounted price for a selected group of users. That might be your employees, guests, loyal customers, or anyone else that could benefit from a reduced rate.

But you can benefit too! Using vouchers as the basis for a rewards scheme can act as an incentive for users to use your chargers – driving positive change for both the environment and your business.

With Spirii Connect you can:

  • Create voucher groups for specific locations and users
  • Generate vouchers in bulk
  • Assign vouchers to specific users (which they can access via the Spirii Go app)
  • Set voucher pricing as Fixed or Dynamic

One more exciting feature to mention is Dynamic Vouchers. This a a type of vouchers that give you an opportunity to offer real-time electricity pricing with a discount for specific users. This is a great way to navigate volatile electricity prices - and ensure a stable revenue on charging - while still being able to offer a discounted price to select EV owners.

With an intelligent approach to features like Vouchers, Spirii Connect can aid you in incentivizing EV users to charge during off-peak hours and reduce the overall strain on the grid, as well as maximize your efficiency and the revenue.

In other words? You can build customer loyalty with Spirii Connect and ensure that you provide the best charging experience at your locations.

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