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Join us at the Intercharge Network Conference in Berlin

We're thrilled to announce that we’ll be joining the anticipated Intercharge Network Conference (icnc23) in Berlin, August 29-30th.

Join us at the Intercharge Network Conference in Berlin

BERLIN, August 29-30, 2023  

This year's conference promises invaluable discussions on how the eMobility sector can intelligently accommodate the green transition amid some pretty rapid technological advances. Attendees will find a packed lineup of inspiring talks, debates, and events, with participants from the eMobility industry garnering free entrance:  

With "Paths to Profitability: Next Generation Business Models" as its theme, the conference will be a melting pot of innovation, insights, and future-facing discussions.  

At Spirii, we've always been at the forefront of delivering intelligent and seamless eMobility solutions, catering to the ever-growing demand of EV drivers and businesses in need of smart and easy charging. So we wouldn’t dream of missing out on the chance to demonstrate our market-leading platform and charging solutions with innovators and enthusiasts from all over the eMobility world.  

And that’s exactly why we’re a proud sponsor of this year’s conference.  

You’ll find our industry-expert colleagues at booth #1 along with complimentary hotdogs and refreshing beverages (served from 12.30 pm both days).   

Coming along? We look forward to meeting you at this really unique event – and engaging in discussions about the future of charging solutions for more sustainable transport.

Unmissable industry insights  

As part of an expert panel, Spirii co-founder and CIO, Torben Fog, will be sharing his invaluable insights on scaling a business in the eMobility industry.    

The panel debate “Scale up the Industry: Scaling the EV Charging Business, Best Practises and Lessons Learned” takes place at icnc23 on August 29, 3.30-4.30 pm.  

About the Intercharge Network Conference  

The Intercharge Network Conference is hosted by Hubject and focuses on presenting actionable solutions for a variety of businesses. The theme of icnc23 is ‘Paths to Profitability: Next Generation Business Models’.    

You can learn more about icnc23 here.     

If you're as passionate as us about the future of EV charging – and wish to explore your options with the Spirii platform – you’ll find our colleagues at our booth at the event. Alternatively, you can connect directly with a friendly advisor right here:  

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