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2,000+ new charge points are landing in Denmark!

The many new charge points are being installed by our trusted partners EDF, PowerGo, AURA Energi, and By & Havn, with the Spirii platform as the backbone of their operations.

2,000+ new charge points are landing in Denmark!

Charging on the go keeps on getting easier…     

As we write this, a huge number of our partners' planned 2,000+ new charge points have already been installed in towns and cities across Denmark.  

These new publicly accessible charge points will benefit Denmark’s rapidly-growing number of EV drivers, as well as the country’s future EV owners.    

The more than 2,000 charge points are being installed by our trusted partners AURA Energi, By & Havn, EDF, and PowerGo, within a year thanks to successful tenders in a bunch of different Danish municipalities.  

They’ll all be accessible via the Spirii Go app as well as our partners’ own apps, enabling smart and swift access to charging on the go for any EV drivers stopping by.     

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These new charge points contribute to a growing network across Denmark. If you’d like to know which ones are coming to a town near you, check out the map below:   

2.000+ charge points are being installed across Denmark by Spirii's partners

At Spirii, we’re continuing to collaborate with local and international partners in planning, installing, and managing chargers all across Europe as part of our commitment to providing easy access to charging for everyone.  

Alongside this homegrown development, we’re constantly adding new charge points to our international roaming network, too. To that end, our total charge point count across Europe now stands at more than 225,000!

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