Solution Rollout at Spirii: What’s the secret to staying ahead in eMobility?

Meet the people that ensure Spirii partners get the most out of our platform - how do they go about it?

It takes an inquiring mind, a problem-solving mentality, and a love of all things sustainability to work in Solution Rollout here at Spirii.

eMobility is about so much more than just EVs and charge points. At Spirii, we know it’s vital that charge point operators know how to get the best out of our platform. And that’s exactly what our Solution Rollout team handles on a daily basis.

But what does Solution Rollout actually entail?  

To find out, we recently sat down for a chat with Line and Rasmus from the team, quizzing them on what it takes to work right at the cutting edge of eMobility

Communication, coffee, and… Table Tennis?

“Every day here is different,” says Line when we ask what the day-to-day looks like in Solution Rollout.

“Our department orchestrates and project manages the rollout of our platform features and products to partners and customers – across a bunch of markets and industries.”  

That means wearing many hats and putting a keen focus on communication; Line’s days are a busy mix of “meetings with CPOs, internal clarifications, product updates, and dialogue with colleagues across various departments.”

The secret to staying on top of all that innovation? According to Rasmus, it’s simple: great coffee. “There’s only one way to start a day at the Spirii office, and that’s with a trip to our full-on barista coffee machine for some latte art… or a quick ping-pong match.”

Meet the people behind Spirii Solution Rollut

When it’s time to settle into work mode, Rasmus describes the Solution Rollout team’s role as one defined by close partner relationships.  

“We work really closely to support our partners to roll out new charge points or enable them to manage their existing charging network, so I have literally zero days without being in direct contact with one or more of our partners.”  

The challenge at the heart of the Solution Rollout team is keeping up with the relentless pace of eMobility tech – and its regulations – so that our partners don’t have to. So it’s on the team to be the gurus here, as Line explains:  

Operating a charging network across various countries isn’t a simple thing to do. There are regulatory and compliance aspects, an ocean of different hardware manufacturers, and new feature requirements from a constantly increasing end-user base.  

“Our roll-out team needs to guide CPOs through onboarding and be sure that the CPO has everything they need to really thrive in the marketplace,”

Line adds, “from hardware procurement and testing to charger branding, marketing initiatives, and much more besides.”  

Finding the meaning behind the work

In the Solution Rollout team, success means helping CPOs meet their eMobility business goals. It’s when, according to Rasmus, “our internal ‘Friday-Kudos’ Slack channel is overflowing with appreciation for all the cool things people have helped each other with during the week.”  

Or, as he puts it: “We feel really successful here when the first charging station for a new site has been launched and is ready to use.”  

But that day-to-day, week-to-week success is the root of something bigger: a sense of purpose and meaning behind the mission. Line explains:

“This job is really meaningful. As part of Spirii, I feel that I’m contributing to the green transition by being part of the eMobility industry”

As Rasmus sees it, Spirii is empowering CPOs to get their charging business up and running for the benefit of both our end-users and the planet. “I know how important the electrification of our society is if we’re going to succeed with the ambition of reaching climate neutrality by 2050.  

The transport sector alone is responsible for 29% of all CO2 emissions in Denmark, so I’m super excited to be part of a company that works to accelerate charging infrastructure.”

Bolstering that sense of greater purpose is the opportunity for the team to feel like they’re personally making a difference in impactful ways:  

“One of the most exciting things about being part of the team at Spirii is the possibility to work with some of the world’s biggest organizations, and to transform the transport industry into a more sustainable sector,” Line explains.  

And Rasmus agrees. “The rollout team absolutely makes a difference. Spirii is a fairly young company,” he says, “so there are plenty of opportunities to throw yourself into tasks that have the capacity to standardize, optimize or automate aspects of how we do things going forwards.”  

No such thing as ‘your problem

A big part of that ethos is the collaborative culture being fostered here at Spirii HQ. Line describes it as a “start-up feeling,” adding that collaboration doesn’t (and shouldn’t) necessarily mean working 24/7:  

“We can easily have a table tennis tournament during working hours without any eyebrow-raising from the executive management, for example.  

There are rooms here designed to help us have fun while working – and it fosters a feeling that everyone is running in the same direction, busting their butts off to make this company a success!”  

“And of course,” she adds, “I love all of the social events and daily social initiatives like Spirii Workout, the running club, and our legendary Friday bar.”  

All of that team spirit combines to create a working environment that Rasmus says is purpose-built for sharing issues and solving challenges: “For me to succeed in my role, I’m highly dependent on the wider Spirii family,” he says.  

“From marketing and products, to finance, customer success, and sales; I truly appreciate how all my colleagues have the mindset that there is no such thing as a ‘your problem’.

Instead, everything is tackled from the point of view of ‘we need to find a solution together.’”

“Spirii is a flat, fast-paced organization that’s agile in adapting to market needs,” Line says in closing, “which creates a dynamic working week where no two days are the same. That really keeps me on my toes – and makes me excited to be working here.”

Fancy joining the team? We’re currently hiring for a brand new Solution Rollout Manager – so we’re looking for engaged, switched-on problem solvers who want to join the Line, Rasmus, and the rest of the Spirii family.  

For more vacant positions go to our career page: 

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