Enhanced Flexible Tariffs

Did you miss our latest webinar? Not to worry; we’ve got you covered! Here’s everything you need to know about our flexible new charge tariff options…

Earlier this month we presented a short webinar to run through some brilliant new features rolling out to the Spirii Connect platform – features designed to help charge point owners and operators deliver more flexible, transparent pricing options to drivers.

In the session, Spirii’s Trygve Dam and Gor Zhamharyan explained upgrades to the way CPOs can set their pricing, with new rules and conditions based on time of day and energy consumption.

Miss the show? No problem! You can watch it at the link below, or just continue reading for a quick rundown of what’s new…

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More flexible pricing, greater transparency

Whenever we roll out new features to our platform, it comes as a result of wider eMobility market trends that we know are affecting CPOs and drivers alike.

We know, for example, that today’s EV drivers are incredibly price-conscious. Couple that with a sector that’s becoming increasingly competitive – and one in which grid strain issues can have an adverse effect on prices – and one thing becomes pretty clear: the key to ongoing CPO success is improving both greater flexibility and much more transparency.

We’ve already seen how these traits help. With the introduction of Dynamic Pricing, for example, we’ve seen an overall increase in customers, sessions, and consumption – all thanks to the driver appeal of being able to charge when costs are low. And that’s exactly what’s influenced our newest feature set, too.

Introducing: Enhanced Flexible Tariffs

A new option that lets CPOs set specific pricing at certain times of the day, in order to make typically under-used periods more appealing to drivers.

Now sitting under its own tab in the Spirii Connect platform, Enhanced Flexible Tariffs are really easy to use, with simple options for creating fixed tariffs by day and time, either per kWh or per minute. You can think of it a bit like setting specific heating times on your home thermostat, where different rules apply to different hours.

Enhanced Flexible Tariffs also include the option to add a flat fee on top of your specific pricing periods, a ‘peak hour’ fee, and a parking spot-blocking fee after a specific period of time.

It’s great for CPOs who want to incentivize more balanced usage across a 24-hour period, and it’s great for drivers since they’ll get a full, upfront price breakdown in the Spirii Go app that includes your different tariffs by time, as well as any other fees.

The Enhanced Flexible Tariffs feature is available right now, but we’re already working on making it even more powerful. Soon, you’ll also be able to use Enhanced Flexible Tariffs with Dynamic Pricing, allowing you to set time-based rules on top of spot energy pricing.

That’s alongside a refreshed driver charging view in the Spirii Go app that’ll offer a clearer overview and a complete pricing breakdown – helping them understand fees and avoid surprises.

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Enhanced Flexible Tariffs: FAQs

Got any burning questions about Enhanced Flexible Tariffs? You’re not alone! We’ve rounded up the most common questions from our product showcase webinar and answered them right here:

What are the key benefits of Enhanced Flexible Tariffs?

For CPOs, Enhanced Flexible Tariffs mean the chance to incentivize charging throughout the day by setting time-specific pricing. For drivers, it means greater price transparency and the ability to make more informed charging plans.

How often can I change my tariffs?

We haven’t put any specific restrictions on your ability to set or edit your tariffs, but it’s best not to change things too often – this will help keep pricing predictable for your regular users.

How will my Enhanced Tariffs be communicated to drivers?

Drivers using the Spirii Go app will see a full breakdown of how pricing tariffs change by the hour, as well as any specific fees, all ahead of charging.

When will Enhanced Tariffs work with Dynamic Pricing?

Enhanced Tariffs can now be accompanied with Dynamic Pricing. Sign up to our newsletter for all the latest tips on how to use it.

Can I set an ‘idle’ fee for when drivers have finished charging?

Right now, you can already enable idle fees based on the length of time people are charging for. We’re working on an update to this that will enable you to implement specific rules and fees based on live charging status – this will come after we’ve launched Enhanced Tariffs with Dynamic Pricing.

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