The Spirii Business Portal

Design, build, and monetize your charging business

The Spirii Business Portal allows you to effortlessly create a complete, automated framework for your commercial EV-charging solution that’s tailored to your needs. Our ever-growing range of hassle-free features allows you to simplify the entire order management process with easy-to-implement APIs, white-label options, and automated email flows – all while growing your EV-customer base through bespoke onboarding paths that connect to your preferred payment methods.  

Feeling a time crunch? No problem: the entire framework can be designed, customized, and brought to market within one working day.

Why choose Spirii Business? 

1.    Our next-generation toolkit  

With Spirii Business, you’ll unlock a suite of powerful tools that make designing your dream charging business a breeze. Build digital storefronts that feature your own branding, grow your user base with customized onboarding flows, and manage your monetization – all from one, easy-to-manage platform. 

  • Manage orders, customers, agreements, and installation partners  
  • Control your finances with a range of payment methods and smart invoicing 
  • Set up bespoke compensation schemes for specific users 
  • Integrate with your existing website and other systems via fully open APIs

2.    On-brand onboarding

Spirii Business make sit simple to set up your own digital storefront, with customer onboarding flows that represent your brand. With our flexible, while-label solutions, you’ll offer your products to your customers, and in a way that works best for your business.

  • Easily set up and embed your own branded webshop 
  • Create customer onboarding flows tailored to your brand
  • Ensure brand consistency through customized email flows

3.    A fully automated transition 

Ditch the tedious admin and automate the heavy lifting: Spirii Business makes it easy to customize, streamline and automate all of the routine processes required to keep your EV business running smoothly.  

  • Automated email flows ensure clients and customers stay informed and updated 
  • New orders are sent automatically to your chosen installer
  • Customers, locations, and chargers are all automatically synced to Spirii Connect
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