Operate, analyze, and scale your charging business

Spirii Connect is the beating heart of your charging business.

Spirii Connect is the beating heart of your charging business. It’s where you can maximize its efficiency and fine-tune your entire network, allowing it to thrive and grow. With an extensive, ever-evolving feature suite, you'll enjoy easy-to-use tools for managing chargers, users, and pricing – all in one place.

Why choose Spirii Connect?

Spirii Connect has been developed by EV industry experts, with the singular goal of putting all the most useful information about your EV-charging network and tools front and center.

With Connect you'll be able to:

Monitor and operate

Ensure the very best user experience for every customer, and easily manage your charging network with a single, user-centric toolbox.

  • Track live charger status and manage charge points
  • Receive service notifications for idling or broken chargers
  • Manage charge keys and vouchers
  • Integrate users and data with Spirii Business and Spirii Go
  • Keep tabs on CO2 savings
Analyze and scale

Explore detailed insights on chargers and their usage. Easily filter and compare data, analyze consumption and revenue streams, and discover your network’s potential for growth.

  • Explore key insights around users and chargers
  • Analyze your charging network’s performance
  • Export usage and financial records
Optimize and monetize

Spirii Connect offers a range of powerful pricing and multi-currency options, making it easy for you to monetize your charging business.

  • Manage charger tariffs – with fixed or dynamic pricing
  • Create discount vouchers for specific user groups
  • Make your chargers publicly available and join a global charging network
  • Oversee and adjust revenue streams
  • Integrate with the Spirii Go app to ensure a steady payment flow
With Spirii, you’ll get:

Ease and convenience

Our intuitive, single-dashboard platform ensures easy, efficient day-to-day management – with everything you need to oversee your business right at your fingertips.

Expert-level insight

Comprehensive data tools automatically analyze your revenue, pricing, and usage to help you keep your charging network optimized.

24/7 customer service

Our ever-evolving, integrated software is supported by a team of eMobility experts you can rely on for guidance – with unrivaled industry knowledge.

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