Easy compensation or extra convenience with charge keys

When joining the Spirii Platform partners can offer swift and easy charging to EV drivers with charge keys. Partners typically use the charge keys as a way to pay for employee charging.

Simple charging with Spirii charge keys  

With Spirii, partners can offer either physical or virtual charge keys to EV drivers. In most cases charge keys are used as an easy means to pay for employees' driving, as all registered charging sessions are stored with the charge key - and thereby can be paid for easily.

What's special about Spirii’s physical charge keys is that the EV driver can start a charging session by just holding the charge key in front of the charge key symbol on a public charging station or on their home charge box. The virtual charge keys figurate in the app as a payment method that the EV driver then can select when paying.

Physical charge keys can also be a way for partners to offer extra convenience to EV drivers that pay for their own charging. The driver can put their charge key in the car or in their key bundle and hold it up when they need to charge. And it’s not complicated for the partners to provide this service, since fully automated billing then will be connected to the physical charge key.  

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Easy and transparent  

EV drivers can easily activate the physical charge key and connect it to their preferred payment method in the app as soon as they have received it. If the user pays for their own charging, there’s no required handling needed from the partner after sending out the charge keys to their users.  

The automated payment ensures full transparency for the user who gets a receipt in the Spirii Go app after each ended charging session – weather they use the charge key or the app.  

And if the user loses the charge key, they can even deactivate it by themselves in the charging app as soon as they notice. Easy!

Regardless of physical or virtual the partners that pay for their users consumption have an easy and transparent way to handle billing with charge keys.

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