Thank you for using the Spirii Go app

You have opened the verification link on your computer and unfortunately ended up in the wrong place.

Complete your registration by opening the link on your phone:

  1. Download Spirii Go from the App Store or Google Play
  2. Enter your email to register (or skip to go directly to the map view)
  3. You will now receive a verification email in your inbox
  4. Open the email on your smartphone. Click the 'sign into Spirii Go' link
  5. Enter your contact information - name and email
  6. Enter your payment information
  7. You are now ready to use the app

If you haven't received the link in your email, please check your spam folder or register with your phone number:

  1. Click 'Try SMS instead'
  2. Enter your phone number
  3. You will now receive an SMS with your code. Enter the code and continue your registration.