EV enterprise fleets: eMobility made easy

Spirii is here to help you deploy a smart and reliable charging solution that brings frictionless charging to employees, guests, and your entire EV fleet.

In the race toward a more sustainable future, the world’s most progressive companies have begun transitioning their fleets and company cars to electric. The benefits of this shift can be enormous, but successfully navigating the change requires intelligent charging infrastructure that can utilize the full potential of EV fleet solutions.

Spirii can help. Our tailored solutions are designed to assist you, your colleagues, and your employees through this transition smoothly – and help you deploy reliable EV infrastructure that brings frictionless charging to your entire EV fleet.  

Not only does the Spirii platform offer the option of allocating chargers exclusively for employee use, but it also enables you to adjust their opening hours, set public availability, and provide specific colleagues discounts.  

All these tools are essential for a company that wants to truly empower and support its employees as part of the eMobility revolution.

Seamless and efficient charging for your employees

With enterprise fleets, you need a solution that’s simple, scalable, and incredibly reliable whether your employees charge at home, at the office, or on the go. Moreover, you need intelligent charging infrastructure that’s easy to operate and manage, and that drivers can feel confident in using 24 hours a day.  

The Spirii platform brings together our intelligent back-end firmware and software, easy tools for operating your network, and the intuitive Spirii Go app, making for a complete, interconnected charging solution.  

While your drivers charge, you’ll manage – overseeing pricing, usage, and access from a single platform. Ready to expand your offering? We’ll help you scale your network with ease.    

Why choose Spirii?

Empowered EV drivers    

The Spirii Go app puts EV drivers firmly in the driving seat. Spirii Go unlocks access to a massive network of public charging stations all over Europe, as well as easy home charger management and location-agnostic payment options.    

Operate and monitor with ease

Access our user-friendly management tools to monitor charger status, consumption, and usage, and discover how to optimize your network. Real-time market adaption means you can offer pricing syncing with the fluctuating energy costs.      

Keep a full overview

Spirii Connect consolidates all your operational processes and presents valuable insights in an easy-to-understand dashboard. Here, you’ll effortlessly oversee the health of your chargers, respond quickly to service issues, and export data for further analysis and documentation.    


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