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Gas & Service Stations

Gas and Service Stations as Key eMobility Enablers

As the demand for charging rises dramatically, gas and service stations have a unique position with their locations and resources.

In 2023 and beyond, gas and service stations looking to effortlessly broaden their customer base need look no further than EV charging. And as the demand for charging rises dramatically, gas and service stations have a unique position with their locations and resources.     

These essential businesses exist right at the heart of transportation infrastructure, and that gives them some huge advantages when it comes to charging – namely, the ability to offer amenities like food, restrooms, and comfortable seating areas - which research shows bring valuable convenience to EV drivers. On top of this, installing public fast chargers at gas and service stations, enable longer drives and tackle range anxiety for EV drivers, combined with bringing greater revenue streams.  

Partnering with Spirii means delivering market-leading charging technology to a growing population of customers – customers who’ll be thrilled to discover that you offer everything they need to get back on the road.    

Attract customers with seamless charging  

Tomorrow’s EV drivers are quickly becoming today’s customers. To meet the booming demand, you need smart and reliable charging infrastructure that’s quick to deploy, simple to operate, and cost-efficient in the face of an ever-changing market.  

The Spirii platform provides a powerful set of tools that make operating EV infrastructure a breeze. Our software enables you to manage and optimize your charging network by analyzing its usage and setting your own pricing – letting you grow your revenue in complete confidence.  

Why choose Spirii?

Stay in charge

The Spirii platform consolidates all your operational processes and presents useful consumption data in a super simple dashboard. Here, you’ll easily oversee your charge points, respond to service issues, analyze usage, and adjust your pricing to suit your needs.      

Simplicity as standard

With our integrated Spirii Go app, EV drivers will enjoy a seamless charging experience that works all across Europe – giving them full access and insight into charging prices, CO2 emissions, payment, and receipts.        

Reliable revenue    

Set and adjust the cost of charging at any time, offer special pricing and vouchers for specific user groups, and – with Dynamic Pricing – optionally sync your pricing to fluctuate with the market rate, to ensure you’re never running at a loss.      

Branded solutions for customer loyalty  

Use our tailored options to integrate our pioneering software technology into your brand – and give your customers a charging experience to remember.

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