Empower your Charging Hardware with a Full-Service Platform

We offer the perfect match to certify, activate, and deploy your quality charging hardware in convenient and accessible ways.

Hardware companies looking to integrate with future-proof, market-leading software can find everything they need in Spirii. That’s because adopting the Spirii Platform means joining some of the world’s biggest charging services, trusted by thousands of EV drivers and businesses the world over.

With Spirii, you’ll be able to deploy and manage your own quality charging hardware in convenient and accessible ways, while our Spirii Certification Program will help your product meet the EV industry’s highest quality-control standards.  

You’ll also join our portfolio of the world’s most respected hardware brands – and bring your product to a rapidly growing number of Spirii partners and a massive audience of EV drivers.

Scaling your business with Spirii

You already have incredible hardware, but you’re missing one key ingredient: a scalable platform that connects the dots, optimizes your profitability and makes entering a hugely competitive market a much less daunting task.    

The Spirii Certification Program can help you leapfrog your competition. Once certified, you’ll join a portfolio of hardware brands that offer best-in-class EV technology – brands that rely on Spirii to do the heavy lifting when it comes to deploying and managing their EV charging infrastructure.

How to join Spirii:  

1. Get Spirii-certified    

Our expert team will thoroughly test your hardware to ensure that it meets the very latest market standards and requirements.          

2. Join the community    

The moment your product receives Spirii Certification, you’ll join a community of industry leaders – and your hardware can enter circulation among thousands of dedicated Spirii users.        

3. Grow with the Spirii Platform  

Once your hardware is part of the Spirii family, clients will be able to manage their chargers using our next-generation platform – with full operational control all in one place. That means more chargers deployed, and a more robust revenue stream.

Spirii Certification benefits:    

Trusted by thousands    

Spirii Certification is a mark of quality. It means your chargers have been vetted by experts and can stand alongside the EV industry’s very best products.          

Client collaboration    

You’ll gain immediate access to a global community of loyal, trusting customers, allowing you to enter bustling new markets and win new customers with ease.      

Market-leading software    

Our intelligent software platform is already hard at work in a wide range of industries – and is celebrated for its powerful analytics and intuitive features.

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