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Charge Point Operators

Meet Spirii: The tailored solution for CPOs

With Spirii’s pioneering platform for operating, monitoring, and scaling your charging network, you can easily offer smart and simple charging.

As a Charge Point Operator, you exist at the cutting edge of the eMobility revolution. However, that also means you’re facing the huge challenge of servicing an exponentially growing EV driver population, all of whom need easy, reliable charging anywhere they go.  

With Spirii’s pioneering platform for operating, monitoring, and scaling your charging network, you can ensure smart charging no matter the needs or the maturity of your business. Whether you’re an experienced or brand-new CPO, you’ll be able to build and integrate your charging network with our cloud-based platform without worry.  

Spirii’s intelligent toolbox lets you maximize your network’s potential, and offers features that evolve alongside your growing business. Here’s how…  

One platform to charge them all

The Spirii platform is an ecosystem of interconnected services that enable and empower charging businesses of all shapes and sizes. We cover every angle of charging infrastructure, but CPOs can pick and choose from our list of services to build a truly bespoke charging solution.   

Besides offering quick-to-market solutions for launching your network, the Spirii platform handles everything from your day-to-day operations and optimization to detailed data insights – including a market-leading charging app for your end users. On top of all this, Spirii offers solutions for your commercial customer handling, alongside 24/7, full-service support from our team of industry experts.

Everything can be customized for your business, with tailored branding options designed to help integrate our pioneering software and technology into your identity.  

Switch from maintenance to growth  

CPOs know that any time spent tackling service issues and maintenance is a huge pain. Hassle-free operation is the holy grail of eMobility, but to achieve that, you’ll need an intuitive system for managing your charging network – one that provides a shot of smart features for charge point management and that allows you to cut down on troubleshooting.   

The Spirii platform offers exactly that and much more besides. With an easy overview of your charge points, including uptime and status, you can monitor the health and performance of your network in real time, with the ability to locate and fix issues as they occur.

Our platform is not only designed to maximize cost efficiency but also provides detailed consumption and optimization data from all your charge points, alongside the ability to tweak usage, location information, and pricing on the fly.  

With an ever-evolving feature suite, we can help CPOs across any market and industry focus on what's most important: growing your revenue by servicing EV drivers when they need it most.

Why Spirii is a perfect fit for CPOs:  

Build or scale with future-proof hardware  

As a hardware-agnostic platform, we already integrate with a range of popular brands – and we’re continually certifying new OCPP-compliant charging hardware.  

Operational excellence  

Join our market-leading operational and management system for real-time charger monitoring and optimization, as well as rich data analytics. Growing your business? Scale up swiftly with smart tools designed for simple customer onboarding, management, and billing.  

Monetization made easy

With Spirii’s intelligent features, you can optimize prices to ensure you’ll always turn a profit. Our flexible pricing tools let you offer discounts to specific users and even sync those discounts – or your overall prices – to the energy market.  

Fully branded charging

With tailored branding, you’ll stay true to your business while offering market-leading charging solutions and smart payment options for your end users. Our app enables multi-currency payment and worldwide roaming.    

Rock-solid ROI  

With Spirii you can quickly and easily integrate and connect to a worldwide roaming network, ensuring a huge, ever-growing EV-owner audience for your charge points. You can even set your own roaming tariffs to guarantee ROI.  

Maximize performance   

Access our user-friendly portal to monitor your charge points, track consumption and usage, and discover datasets that make it easy for you to optimize and scale. Our smart pricing features now boast Dynamic Pricing tools, which lets you adapt your tariffs to the real-time energy market.  

Future-proofing and growth   

We’re continually adding new features and tools to the platform, so you’ll always be confident that your charging network offers the world’s most advanced technology and provides the very latest in intelligent charging management.    

High uptime and full support     

Need help? We’re available round the clock. Our dedicated team of industry experts will help ensure that your network runs at 100% uptime – and that you can operate the most reliable charging network possible.  

Rapid revenue growth   

Spirii operators have a proven track record: we help our partners increase their revenue by an average of 17.6% MoM, with options and guidance that ensure profitability.  

Integrations and APIs   

Our platform integrates with the charging industry’s biggest brands, so we can easily work with your existing systems and hardware – without any interoperability headaches.   

Manage and grow with confidence  

With our unique operational and management systems, powerful analytics, and deep, data-driven insights, you’ll optimize and scale with ease. Spirii makes customer onboarding, management, and billing simple.

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