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Spirii Business

Design and build a commercial EV-charging solution

Spirii Business - extensive feature suite

Spirii Business Portal allows you to easily design and build a commercial EV-charging solution. Simplify the entire order management process thanks to automated email flows and APIs. Grow your EV customer base with onboarding flows that connect to your preferred payment methods.

Fast on the market

Design, build and launch

Set up your own digital storefront, with customer onboarding flows tailored to your brand. Offer your products to your customers, and in a way that works best for your business.

  • Easily set up and embed your own branded web-shop
  • Integrate with your website and systems with fully open APIs
  • Set up customer onboarding flows tailored to your brand
  • Create email flows that ensure brand consistency
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Manage and monetize

Unlock a powerful toolkit to manage your charging business from customers, orders to payments

  • Manage orders, customers, agreements, and installation partners
  • Control your finances with a range of payment methods and smart invoicing
  • Set up compensation schemes for specific users
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A fully-automatic transition

Ditch the tedious tasks and automate the heavy lifting – Spirii Business makes it easy to connect and automate your EV business’ routine processes.

  • Automated email flows ensure clients and customers stay informed and updated
  • Automatically send new orders to your chosen installer
  • Customers, locations, and chargers are all automatically synced to Spirii Connect
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Easy and flexible integration with Spirii API

Spirii API enables you to increase your systems performance, flexibility, and efficiency. Our API is designed to make the integration of the crucial EV charging data into your current systems easy and allows you to build your own solution in no time.

Integrate easily with the systems you already have, such as CRM, ERP, websites, payment solutions, and billing systems. These integrations allow you to develop automation processes and concentrate on what is important the most – your customers.

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