Spirii launches new pricing product to enhance charging efficiency

Can smarter pricing, delivered at the right time, shift EV drivers' charging behavior? Charging platform provider Spirii believes so, as it launches a new and enhanced pricing product for its charging operator partners.

“As many charging points as possible as quickly as possible” has long been the battle cry of the charging market. And not without just cause; the transition to electric cars requires a ton of new infrastructure, fast. But with massive rollouts come huge challenges to the electricity grid, such that it’s becoming more and more necessary to effectively distribute the load.

One way to encourage that distribution is to incentivize EV drivers to charge at specific times. That’s why, last year, Spirii launched Dynamic Pricing—a feature that follows the spot price of electricity. Now, a newly developed pricing product follows, which allows Spirii's charging partners to set and manage charging prices even more intelligently, with the ability to offer lower prices during specific periods when the electricity grid is less loaded. That’s alongside the ability to raise the price of overly long charging sessions to prevent drivers from blocking charging stations when demand for charging is high.

"Market competition has massively increased in the last few years,” says Spirii’s CEO and co-founder, Tore Harritshøj, “and EV drivers are becoming ever more price conscious.”

As such, Harritshøj believes that the market is ripe for more intelligent pricing options—a feature being demanded by both consumers and charging operators alike.

“It’s not just the price of charging that plays an important role in today’s eMobility market, it’s also effective parameters for controlling the charging burden so that we trouble the electricity grid as little as possible.”
"If we can distribute the consumption over periods where there’s more capacity on the grid,” Tore adds, “we can save consumers money that would otherwise have been incurred for the expansion of the electricity network. So, I’m proud that we can now allow our charging partners to set their prices in a way that benefits consumers, the electricity grid, and their own charging business all at once.”

This new smart pricing product has already been put to use by Spirii partners, who have been lowering prices at night while also intelligently upping prices for extended sessions, helping them avoid their stations being used as long-term parking lots.

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