Spirii launches Demand Response: A game-changer for the charging industry

Spirii has enhanced its international software platform with a new technological advancement that allows for adjustments in electricity consumption within the charging network during periods of grid overload.

The surge in popularity of electric vehicles represents a significant shift in the automotive landscape. While this trend brings about numerous positive aspects, it also introduces a set of challenges for the power grid. Especially in large parts of Europe and the US, where the rapid adoption of EVs can place substantial stress on the existing infrastructure.

To address this, international software platform provider Spirii has been developing and testing a technological solution aimed at alleviating grid stress.

The solution, termed 'Demand Response', involves adjusting electricity consumption either when there's excessive demand on the power grid or when electricity production falls short of demand. Serving as a hub managing a vast portfolio of charging stations around the world, Spirii's software platform is uniquely positioned to regulate electricity consumption and act as an aggregator between the grid operators and the charge point owners.

In practice, Spirii enters into agreements with electricity grid operators to be available for adjustments within a specific time frame. Should the grid experience an imbalance during this period, Spirii will be asked to regulate electricity consumption for a short period of time to restore the balance. This agreement does not only benefit the grid operators but also translates into a substantial revenue source for Spirii. Additionally, the charge point operators utilizing Spirii's software platform also reap the rewards of this symbiotic relationship.  

A new push for a well-known technology

Demand Response programs are widely recognized within the energy sector. However, with evident synergies between the electricity grid and electric vehicles, these programs are taking on new significance. According to Spirii’s CEO and co-founder Tore Harritshøj, Demand Response is key to ensuring a fast and risk-free roll-out of charging station.

"The transition to electric transport presents a growing challenge for power grids worldwide. However, this challenge can be met with smart charging. We believe that Demand Response could be a technological breakthrough of enormous societal importance, as it transforms charging points from a burden on the grid to a valuable resource. And the more charging points, the greater capacity to regulate energy consumption." says Harritshøj.

He adds.

"The solution offers new revenue streams for adopters, potentially accelerating the shift to electric transportation even further. Put simply, we can't deploy this technology soon enough, and I'm proud that we're pioneering its adoption at a European scale."

Spirii has successfully piloted the concept at various charging stations in selected countries. Given the encouraging results, the technology will now be integrated as a permanent offering.

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